What Size Bathmate Pump Am I?

To get the best possible gains from your Bathmate, it's important to get the right size of pump. In order to actually measure the size of your penis, just follow the guide below.

If you already know your size, use our size calculator to find your perfect Hydromax.

Measurement Guide

How to Measure Your Penis Size

It can be difficult to know how to accurately measure your penis, particularly when it comes to girth.

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Step 1: Get An Erection

You'll need to be fully erect to accurately measure your size and ensure that you choose the correct Bathmate size.

Step 2: Measure Your Length

Measure your erect penis length with a ruler lightly pressed onto your pubic bone, recording from the bone to the penis tip.

Step 3: Measure Your Girth

Wrap a Measuring Gauge or piece of string around your penis, recording the full measurement of the circumference.

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